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Entanglement technique - Earrings By Nature: Video-tutorial

Entanglement technique - Earrings By Nature: Video-tutorial

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Finally available for you our first project using the entanglement technique: Earrings By Nature Collection.

This particular video concentrates on the making of a jewelry project using the entanglement technique and Wire.

I have created, from a combination of textile techniques and the principles of spyrographie, a technique that results in the creation of one dimension and three-dimensional pieces, quite resistant, with a seemingly chaotic aspect. This technique allows, among other things, to introduce different colors in your jewelry, creating, for example, tinted pieces.


This is a very complete, detailed and straightforward video-tutorial, easy to follow and understand.

You will receive the video-tutorial in a link after payment confirmation.

English or Portuguese subtitles


Important Remarks:

Copyright: Patrícia Franco (all rights reserved)

It is prohibited to make any commercial use of the video-tutorial and also it´s projects, the propriety of the author.

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