COMBO: Textile Techniques - 7 Video-tutorials

COMBO: Textile Techniques - 7 Video-tutorials

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These video tutorials are very thorough and attentive to particulars, thought to be attainable to all who wish to learn this art. These particular videos concentrate on the making of oval and spherical shapes using a very interesting monofilament - NYLON and also synthetic fibers.

Amongst other aspects, we will approach ways to knit and dye nylon while constructing the 2 jewelry projects and several synthetic fiber projects

1- Brooch By Nature Collection,

2- Earrings Blooming Collection

3- A monofilament called Nylon Video tutorial (video focused on nylon dye process and molds)

4-Flower Fillet with Nylon video tutorial (video focused on making a flower fillet with nylon and attaching it to your knitted jewelry)

5- Spherical Shapes with Nylon video tutorial (Knitted technique)

6- Tubers Garden (video focused on using synthetic fabrics in 3d shaping)

7- Mushroom Garden (video focused on using synthetic fabrics in 3d shaping)



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English subtitles


Important Remarks:

Copyright: Patrícia Franco (all rights reserved)

It is prohibited to make any commercial use of the video-tutorial and also its projects, the propriety of the author.

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