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Video-tutorial: Earrings "Spheres" Collection

Video-tutorial: Earrings "Spheres" Collection

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This video-tutorial devoted to crochet with wire is very complete and attentive to details tutorial, thought to be accessible to all who wish to learn this art. This particular video is intended for beginners.


1. This tutorial includes:

  • Introduction chapter to crochet with wire
  • 1 jewelry Project: Earrings Earrings by Patrícia Franco


This is a very complete, detailed and straightforward video-tutorial, easy to follow and understand.

You will receive the video-tutorial in a link after payment confirmation, so there are no shipping costs associated.

English subtitles.



Important Remarks:

Copyright: Patrícia Franco (all rights reserved)

It is prohibited to make any commercial use of the video-tutorial and also it´s projects, the propriety of the author.

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